Welcome to Zorten Software.  Our goal is to create quality and engaging software for our users.

We are pleased to be the developers of  iPad apps which provide the best in Speech Language Pathology (SLP) therapy tools.






Our apps:


Advanced Video SequencesAdvanced Video Sequences – Use videos to create sequences starring you!  Split videos into segments to allow your students to slide them into the proper order.  Great for task completion, story sequencing, self care or working on social skills.


Advanced Making SequencesAdvanced Making Sequences – All the best of classic Making Sequences, but with all of the added features that you have been asking for!



Word SLapPs VocabularyWord SLapPs Vocabulary – Teach Vocabulary at your own pace with our Animals and Colors pre-loaded cards or create your own, it’s your choice!  Flexible and fully customizable, you can teach any number of vocabulary words with images and audio that you control.



Making Sequences – Teach story sequencing using images you create or choose from one of the fifteen pre-loaded sequences. Now with Dropbox to share your sequences.  Take a look how to use it here!



Preposition Pets – Sixteen preposition are featured in this Zorten take on the classic memory game format.  Choose from four board types/sizes to create a fun way to strengthen your students’ skills.

Preposition Pets SD– Same as Preposition Pets but now available for the iPhone/iPod Touch.  Who says bigger  has to be better.  All of the features of the iPad version, just a little smaller!



Token Board – A portable visual reward system for iPad. Use it as a customizable tool for kids to track goals and earn rewards.




Plurality – The memory/matching game that makes practicing irregular plurals more portable and fun.




Question Sleuth – Ask the right questions and find the hidden star! Pick a player to hide the star behind a secret picture for the others to try to discover it through the process of elimination.







Our apps are featured in HP’s Hacking Autism Initiative.