Today is my first day at blogging and I have high hopes. We will have to see how it goes considering how long it took me to get this far. There are a few topics I want to write about so next I need to figure out how to create different subjects to post under. Is this even possible?

What I hope to write most about are my experiences providing early intervention services as an SLP. Most specifically I will be posting a bit about what I do in my sessions and hopefully inspire some dialogue. I know what I do at work….but what the heck does everyone else do? I’m also planning to share which apps I find useful at work and how I am actually using them. As an app developer myself I also plan to give a little insight into what goes into making and updating an app – including the tears and frustrations. Other than that I will occasionally take some time to talk about the books I’m reading and what movies I’ve made it out of the house to see.