Welcome to the Dropbox introduction for Word SLapPs Vocabulary.  You can now share all of your categories to others by using your Dropbox account or by using any other account that you have access to.  In the example below, I have created  it with more folders than most people will use, but I wanted to show that is it possible to have a good deal of depth to the file structure for school districts, clinics or individual SLP’s that have many students so that they can organize their categories better.


If you want to just save your categories without any folders,  just upload your content to Dropbox and you’ll be on your way!


Below is an introduction to the Dropbox feature and certainly not all that you can do with it. If you follow along with your iPad you will see that it is very easy to use.  In this example, we will be downloading a category called “Airplanes”  to a folder you will create named “Timmy”.


On the Home page, touch the Settings icon in the upper left hand of the screen (the orange gear button).












Touch the “Edit/Add Content” cloud














Touch “Add a folder”











Type “Timmy” in the white text box and touch “Save”











Select the “Timmy” folder










At the bottom of the page, touch the “Sync with Dropbox” birdhouse










Login to Dropbox.  If you don’t have an account, you can sign up here.  If you want to follow along with this example, you can use our Dropbox account.  The username is support@zorten.com and the password is Zorten123.









Dropbox will ask to access your folders for Word SlapPs Vocabulary.  Press “Allow”.  You will also be able to change your login to a different user here.










You will now see the folder for “Green Valley School District” . Touch the folder icon.









Tap the folder named Timmy.












You can now download the category “Airplanes” by touching the down arrow icon.











Confirm the download.












You will now see the category downloading











When you have finished the download, the screen will show two green check-marks indicating a successful download.  To finish, touch “Close”








You will now see that “Airplanes” has been added to your categories and is now ready to use.