Word SLapPs Vocabulary


Word SLapPs Vocabulary for the iPad that allows you to teach vocabulary at your pace!  Add actions, sight words and more to create a easy to use teaching aid.  Developed and designed by a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), Word SLapPs makes teaching vocabulary much easier by letting you leave your therapy cards at home!

Word SlapPs is used to teach vocabulary words specific to your child’s world with images that you choose. Upload and save your images into customizable categories and pair them with your own recorded questions. Easy to use, Word SlapPs is designed by an SLP and modeled after Discrete Trial teaching. Children touch target images and are rewarded with sounds and/or visuals. Target vocabulary words alone or with up to two other images to increase difficulty. Word SLapPs comes pre- loaded with color and animal categories to start with. Word SlapPs is recommended for SLP’s, teachers or parents.

Key features;

Teach what you want: nouns, actions, sight words, “where” questions…..

Upload your own images to personalize teaching

Pair images with your voice recorded questions

Six levels of play as well as randomization

Settings allow control of auto advance, sounds and visual effects.

Teach vocabulary from a second language

Target one or more vocabulary words at a time

Help young readers master sight words

Purchase new themes, animations, sounds and visual rewards.  Now on sale in the App Store!

Featured in HP’s Hacking Autism initiative!