Duck Duck Moose makes a few apps that I really like due to quality of graphics, design and obvious thought they put into making their programs.  I would argue that the images themselves could stand alone as works of art.

Wheels on the Bus ( $1.99) in particular really saves me since my voice is pretty awful without someone  to sing along with.  Have you ever tried singing songs alone, in someones living room, with parents watching and have their child walk away?  We all know that these nursery rhymes are great for teaching eye contact, arm movements, first words, etc.  How many of us don’t love doing it though because, well, you sound awful and feel goofy?  Well, Hurrah for Wheels on the Bus!  It comes with different voices and instruments for you to try out to see who you will be in tune with!!!  It also plays lovely background music that children can’t help but move towards when you turn it on.

I use this app just about every session with a few of my littlest guys.  Each verse has its own page with different animals or objects that move around when you touch them.  Great for cause and effect, identifying pictures, eye contact, and teaching arm movements to pair with the song.  You can also crank it up to hide the fact that you can’t sing.