We have gotten some very nice comments from users or Word SLapPs in the past few months.  If feels great to have made something that people are finding so useful!  I use it all the time with some of my clients.  Mostly I have been working on identifying actions with photos I find on the web.  Once they learn to correctly ID a few actions I set the program to level one with the question prompt off and have them label expressively.  I’ve started to take pictures of them during sessions as well so that they can talk about their own actions as well.  Another idea I had that worked pretty well was to model some expressions for Mr. J. (age five) to use while playing various games.  I opened up one of the many drawing apps that my daughter uses and hand wrote different phrases like, “Wow!, Yes!  I did it!, etc.  Then I loaded these onto Word SLapPs and recorded myself saying each one as I would really do if playing a game.  It worked!  Mr. J. started to imitate my voice.  After that we worked on turn taking and sharing while we played, “Cut the rope.”  I put these same phrases on cue cards out on the table as we played and he has started to use them as we play.  Mr. J. loves to play, “Cut the Rope,” by the way.   I love when he plays this game on my iPad because he whizzes through levels that I get stuck on allowing me to open up  new boxes sooner than I could on my own.  I don’t like, however, that he sometimes wipes out everything and I need to start all over.