This second update to Word SLapPs is taking much longer than I ever thought but I am hanging in there.  We are adding some really great things that I think everyone will love.  The scoring works well and certainly helps me out at work.   Now if I forget or don’t have time to write all that happens during a session it gets saved for me.  We are also adding a big “X” that shows up when the wrong answer is chosen.  I’ve been able to test this out as work as well.  I have to say I enjoyed the look on some kids faces the first time they saw it pop up.  If only,  if only, if only we could get it all done.  Each time our programmer works to fix a bug something else happens…audio doesn’t match up, the game crashes, etc.  So frustrating!  Now I’ve been left alone for the week and I can’t get any of the updates our programmer sends to load onto my iPad for testing.  My husband has been trying to help me figure it out by phone so you can guess how that is going.  Knowing me it is probably some dumb thing like leaving the all caps button on.  Our programmer is trying to be helpful by sending the files in some different way which just confuses me more as I try and figure out how to do “new.”   I am going to continue to be positive though.  It always gets figured out and it will this time too.